We are a group of friends that have been in the re-enactment world for quite some time.
All of us ended up in this world due to a shared interest in the second world war, and then specifically the roll that the 506th Parachute Infantry regiment of the 101st Airborne Division played in it.
Our partners that had their own interests in the same time period have decided to focus on the female support in this war and have focused on the Army Nurse Corps.
After having been part of the re-enactment world for several years with different organisations, the idea rose to start something for ourselves.
The name was quickly decided and there was no question about it, this has been derived from the name of Colonel Robert Frederick Sink.

In 1940 Colonel Sink was attached to the parachute regiment in Fort Benning, Colonel Sink belonged to the 4 percent of the officers in the American Army to have completed the training to master parachutist.
Every year he celebrated his birthday by making another parachute jump.
Later in his career he was head of the 503rd Parachute Infantry Battalion, which quickly grew out to a regiment. In July of 1942 he was named commander of the 506th Parachute infantry Regiment in Camp Toccoa, Georgia; Fort Benning, Georgia and in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.
During the whole war he was in command of this regiment that was nicknamed “Five-Oh Sink”
Over the course of the ware the Colonel made 2 jumps; Operation Overlord and Operation Market Garden
He led his regiment through one of the toughest battles, which was later known as “The Battle of the Bulge”.

What we portrait is a Headquarters company, Regimental Headquarters, this includes map and radio elements as well as a small medical attachment.
During events we can provide a static display but we can also take part as a unit in “mock battles”.

Our goal is to provide a re-enactment of the set units as correctly as possible and to honour those that served in these units.
This way we hope to provide an insight for .the public as to what happened during the second world war.
We might be able to provide younger people as well as the older people with information they did not have.
The eventual goal is fun, education and information.

Our mission statement is non political and we reject any links to National-Socialism.

Regimental Headquarters 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment at Bastogne (2018)